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  Mantra’s manifesto voor een beter leven volgens Alain De Botton - Brits filosoof en schrijver, oprichter School of Life:  
  Ik ben imperfect Some part of me will remain forever flawed and broken. My life will be filled with errors,  
  regrets, and unmet desires; I will never be free from stupity and pain. Perfection is beyond me - as it is for all of us.  
  Ik ben kwetsbaar en fragiel Like everyone I am weak, mad, and mistaken. It is this brokenness that  
  gives me compassion. and that connects me. I know that sharing my vulnerability is the key to true friendship.  
  Ik ben niet helemaal in orde Something in my childhood and background has uniquely unbalanced me.  
  Though I may never fully recover, I have a duty to understand my insanity, and explain it to others.  
  Ik ben een idioot I regularly say and do incredible imbecilic. Embracing my idiocy gives me self-confidence,   
  resilience and compassion. There is no alternative for human beings.  
  Ik ben niettemin goed genoeg I am content with being 'ordinary', recognizing it contains the best of life.  
  Ik ben niet romantisch No one is wholly 'right' for me, nor ever fully 'wrong'. In relationships, I aim to  
  compromise - this is not the enemy of love, but its supreme achievement.  
  Ik ben somber, triest I resist the overwhelming pressure to smile. I accept that every life is filled with  
  disappointment and suffering - but also pleasure and meaning. I despair, not with rage or bitterness, but cheerfully.  
  Ik ben onbelangrijk In the grand scheme of things, I do not matter a thing. This knowledge brings me not  
  sadness but solace, putting my problems into perspective and liberating me to live how I choose.  


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